IowaTwinsFan.com was created for several reasons.  The first being, I wanted to learn how to build a website. That being the case I needed some sort of subject to be the main topic.  In thinking about this I thought what has been an interest for me throughout my fifty plus years of life? The answer was baseball, and more specifically. my favorite team, the Minnesota Twins.

Secondly, one of my hobbies is to take photos at sporting events.   I wanted a place to post the photos I've taken at Twins games through the years.   So check out the photo galleries for the Twins and Ceder Rapids Kernels.

Being transplanted to Iowa from the Red River Valley in North Dakota I've found there are not a lot of Twins fans close by.   So I wanted to create a forum where I could communicate with other Twins fans.

I make my living as a database developer so I wanted to learn another side of technology that is more visual than building databases and also to integrate some database functionality into this site.

My plan is to take it slow, build this site a little at a time and have fun doing it.   I started following the Twins in 1972, when I was nine years old.  Living on a farm in rural North Dakota I spent a lot of my free time listening to the Twins on the radio, I saw my first game at the Met in 1977, and have enjoyed watching the team go through it many ups and downs.

I hope you enjoy this site, please make comments and let me know what content might enhance this blog.

All the best,

Tom Shide

The Iowa Twins Fan.